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Need Help Diagnosing Popping

Hey guys, I fired the chevelle up this weekend since it was so nice out. It's been asleep all winter and today was the day. But I noticed somewhat of a popping coming from the drivers side exhaust. All my specs are in my signature. I only drove the car once after the roller cam swap in the Fall and maybe didn't notice the popping. What I did so far was pull the plugs. In the pic, from right to left is 1-3-5-7 and you can see #1 is far darker. I cleaned up the plugs, started and no change. Thinking #1 is the culprit for the popping, I then replaced the plug with a spare, no change. I made a new ignition wire and no change. I also took a vid and put my hand in front of the exhaust so it amplifys the popping. Towards the end of the vid you can really see the popping moves my hand. Any thoughts or next steps in diagnosing? Could my valve adjustments be off? I used the EOIC method..

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