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Mysterious liquid on windshield????

Ok guys and gals I have a new issue that I have personally never seen before.
I have a 69 chevelle with a 350 sbc and a 6-71 blower a top. Running 6 lbs boost making 625 hp. Manual disc brakes all around, this may be pertinent here in a second.
Anyway, every now and then on a drive, not all the time mind you, I get on the gas in 1st 2nd and 3rd and come to a quick stop I get this very fine mist of liquid coming up from under the drivers side cowl onto my windshield and I mean very fine mist.
I thought that it may be the brakes, but the other day it did it again under load before applying the brakes.
I get out and try to get some samples off the windshield but it just smears and drys up leaving a residue so I can't really tell what the liquid is.
I check under the hood and there is nothing anywhere. Not on the brake line fittings or the master valve nothing anywhere. No engine coolant or oil to be found. I have no idea where this very fine mist is coming from especially when it is coming up between the hood and cowl. If anyone can give me any kind of starting point or ideas I would greatly appreciate it.
There is no windshield washer bottle on the car either.
I have a manual oil pressure gauge with the nylon line running from the back of the manifold through the firewall into the dash as well.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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