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Originally Posted by nashville beth View Post
I would keep the c-clips because the disc brakes will retain the axle if it ever breaks.
And I'm not sure if chevy disc brakes will work with the large bearing ends. You might have to use ford disc brakes.

I'm going with 2002 Camaro 12" disc brakes on my 12 bolt and keeping the c-clip setup with a true-trac center and moser axles.
The 12" brakes require 17" wheels. There are setups that will fit under the 15" wheels.

You ever see a axle break at the track? Very violent and destructive to the car. And very dangerous to the Driver and Spectators. These is no way, no how those little bitty ass 10mm, 3/8 or whatever size caliper bolts are going to hold the axle in.
OP, Do it the right and safe way and go the Ford housing ends and contact Wilwood. They makes brake kits for all kinds of axle flanges.
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