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Re: First Passes on Nova with MJ467

Originally Posted by WHT/73 View Post
Nice job!
Is that a treemaster? I loved mine. All around great converter.
My best was a 1.45 leaving off idle. Calverts set a a nickle with split mono's, 17 psi my et pro's 275/60/15's and calvert single rears set on the 7th click from full hard.
Thank you sir. It is a treemaster spec'd out by Mark, it is definitely working out well. I was launching at 1500rpm, gonna try off idle next outing. I have zero gap/preload on my bars and rears set at 8 from full hard.

'70 Nova, MJ467, TH400, 9"
Best 1/4: 10.692 @ 126.03
Best 1/8: 6.798 @ 101.19
Best 60ft: 1.476
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