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First Passes on Nova with MJ467

I just wanted to share my first passes in my Nova with the new Vortec Pro 467

Decided it was time to get this thing on the track, ran yesterday in Fontana.

Car is set up with a Th400/ATI 8" converter and 9in with 3.89s, calvert suspension, Santhuff front springs, 275 ET Street R's(not the most efficient drive train 4" steel driveshaft, 35 spline axles, th400), all steel except for hood, not sure how much the car weighs (full interior with aluminum Kirkey seats and roll bar).

1st pas in 15 years:
DA - 2303
60' - 1.563
330 - 4.507
1/8 - 6.956
MPH - 99.97
1000 - 9.091
1/4 - 10.984
MPH - 111.20
Launched kinda soft off idle but still managed to pulled both front wheels off the ground. Not sure what happened to the MPH on the pass, i think i lifted early. Couldn't believe my junk ran 10's on the first pass.

2nd Pass:
DA - 2571
60' - 1.481
330 - 4.404
1/8 - 6.847
MPH - 100.34
1000 - 8.971
1/4 - 10.781
MPH - 124.09
Best pass of the day.

3rd Pass:
DA - 2660
60' - 1.506
330 - 4.537
1/8 - 7.025
MPH - 99.01
1000 - 9.170
1/4 - 10.990
MPH - 123.52
I thought i was moving in the right direction after the 2nd pass, I wanted to make at least a couple passes before making changes to the car. I might of hot lapped this run a bit, my coolant temps in the staging lanes were creeping up, at the line my temp was at about 195deg. all other passes i was under 180deg.

4th Pass (Final Pass):
DA - 3030
60' - 1.484
330 - 4.420
1/8 - 6.863
MPH - 100.37
1000 - 8.987
1/4 - 10.790
MPH - 124.67
Decided to make some changes on this pass. Checked timing and it was at 37deg (thought I had it at 36deg) ended up locking it at 35deg. Ran 19psi on the tires instead of 18psi, and removed the air filter. With a better DA, this possibly could have been my best pass.

I could have ran a couple of more times but it was getting hot and the family was burnt out. I was not expecting to run in the tens on my first passes (even though Mark said I would), my goal is to run 10.50s (on this track) in street driven car. I would like to get my 60ft down in the 1.35-1.40 range if possible but it should be fun from here on out.

Let me know what you guys think.

Will post better vids and timeslips after work:
Last pass below.

'70 Nova, MJ467, TH400, 9"
Best 1/4: 10.78 @ 124
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