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Re: Good Vendor / Bad Vendor

Boy is that a tough question to answer. Especially if your like me and have bought so many different parts covering every aspect of the car. Where do you start. Are you rebuilding it as original or as a resto mod or custom or hot rod or semi look correct. As far as the easiest way to do a Chevelle I think Resto -Mod is the way to go. You don't have to meet any standard other than make it look nice. The most difficult is the original. This means every nut and bolt head has to have the correct markings. Take for instance the oil pan plug. On a 65 it has special markings on it. They don't make originals with those markings. I saw one on Ebay for $45. This is what you can expect if you go original. As far as vendors I've used them all. It's all about knowing what to look for and never take the vendors word that what their selling is correct. Sorry about that.
You have to know personally what it should look like and what it's made of. Some restoration parts are perfect and some not so perfect and trying to find the perfect replacement can be a lesson in futility. Chroming is outrageously expensive. That's just the way it is. I've got two repro bumpers from AMD and they look great and feel as heavy as the originals. But you still have people that give them a thumbs down. I buy all my sheet metal from AMD. My best advice is know what it looks like and if the reproduction has the correct markings.if possible. It's the product , not the vendor. Look for the correct product. Take for instance tie rods. The correct tie rods on a 65 have the grease fittings on the sides and not the face. This is so it doesn't interfer with the sway bar. Vendors sell them with the grease fitting on the face. It's the correct size and length but that's not completely correct. Good luck finding them with the correct thread , length, etc. with the grease fitting on the side. You need to know what your replacing and stick with the exact configuration. Good luck.
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