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Re: Good Vendor / Bad Vendor

The shipping and customer service from Summit has been fantastic for a decade. A while back I bought two Procar seats at several hundreds each. The head rest on one was damaged during shipping. Summit started an immediate return and shipped out a replacement before UPS even had the chance to pick up the damaged one. For about a week I had three Procar seats sitting in my living room before UPS finally showed up.

Also, it seems that Summit has great discounts on Mondays. I was pricing things all weekend, almost bought a bunch of stuff, but at the last minute held off. The next day on Monday, Summit ran a $100 off $1000 or more promo. I've noticed that a lot of vendors across industries do similar things to boost the start of the week.

Also know that while it's fantastic to be able to get almost any part you need brand new -- something that didn't exist 20 years ago -- that about 50% of the time these repop parts need some kind fiddling to make them work. The last thing I bought was a dome light. The outside looked good, but the bracket was molded too tall and I had to file a lot of it down. The plastic was noticeably thinner, too. Overall though, it works fine.
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