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Re: Best radio and wiring harness

Originally Posted by paul bell View Post
I've heard that power windows for these cars run pretty slowly because of the wire lengths. If you have the wiring harnesses, I'd suggest you replace the wiring to the motors with the next larger size wire compared to whatever comes in the harness. And make the main feed wire 10 gauge all the way to the battery.

In the plastic under floor wiring protector sleeve, add a few 12 & 14 gauge wires from the dash to the trunk. You never know what you'll need in the future and you won't have to pull out the seats and carpet to add wires.
Thanks for the tip about the windows, and I was planning on pre-wiring for an electric fuel pump and probably a trunk actuator.

Originally Posted by Cubsfan3493 View Post
Unfortunately I am not going to be able to help you much, I did not purchase the harness myself but simply rewired a disaster job of an AAW harness. The only reason I was able to do the full rewire without an instruction manual was because the wiring is actually labeled on the insulation with where each wire goes. Let me know if you would like a picture of the fuse panel and I will upload it tomorrow sometime. Here in the future I will probably rip out the harness I have now and start from scratch, but for now I don't have the patience...

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A Picture would be great thank you.

As of the moment I am leaning toward the Painless harness because it has the extra circuits I want, still doing research though. Also it is looking like the gauges I want wont be available till June so that is going to slow things down a little but more time to save up some cash.
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