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Re: Best radio and wiring harness

Originally Posted by Pioneer4x4 View Post
Keep in mind that reviews are created by people with problems, most of the people that are satisfied never go back and write reviews. I have a retrosound model 2, and I wanted the modern toys (usb/Bluetooth) and wanted to remove a hideous 1980ish radio that was in my El Camino. I have no complaints on look/functions on it, and love the knobs, actual cast metal chrome plated, very similar to 1967 knobs. I am not excited with how the bezel works, but on an 1967 with the sloped bezel, I probably wouldn't make anything nicer anyway.
I have not connected real speakers to it yet, but it sounds much fuller and better than my old POS did with the crappy 4x10s that are in it.
I have a 1967 AM radio in the back of my garage, and I still think about putting modern guts in it since it would look the best. My goal is to not have any black plastic in the interior (I have blue interior) other than the minimal places that were factory (like radio pushbuttons). So to me looks were as important as the actual functions.
True, and I think I am going to go this route with the Daytona but for almost 350, plus the other hardware I'm going to need because it only drives at 45 watts RMS I just want to make sure I get a quality product. but it has the look I'm going (I am trying to get rid of the chrome) and all of the functions I want. It just sucks that this is an essentially a 150 dollar head unit for twice the price but I guess that is what I get having a 50 year old car

So yeah I think I am going to go with the retrosound and American Auto wire. still doing research hoping to order by the end of the week.
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