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Need a battery recommendation for a '72

Short story - I want/need a new battery for my '72 and I'm looking for recommendations of brand/mfg/product.

Yes, I could have searched (and yes, I did search) but battery technology and products and manufacturers change all the time, so I'm looking for more recent up to date information. I've had luck with DieHard in the past, and there is still a Sears open near me, so that's my leading contender right now, but looking for opinions.

Longer story - I put my car away in October. It has never had a problem holding a charge for a long period of time, but I put a battery tender on it periodically anyway. About once a month I would go down to the garage, hook up the tender, and roll the car forward or backwards a few feet (not really worried about flat spots on the tires, but it gives me an excuse to sit in the car ) Usually a day later I go down and disconnect the tender after it has topped the battery off and is in maintenance mode. I haven't even put a key in the ignition or touched anything other than that since last October.

The last time I was in the car was about a week ago. Everything normal. Today, I was down in the garage today for something else, and the weather is turning nice (kinda) so I figured I would pull the cover and just poke around for a bit. I opened the door - no dome light. That's strange thought I, so I tried the headlights. Nothing. Pop the hood, put a volt meter on the battery - it's down at like 3 volts. Very strange... I put the tender on it to charge it up anyway, but something is clearly wrong. Now, maybe I was a dumb*** and didn't shut the door all the way last time I was there (but I always check) and the dome light was left on and killed it. Or some sort of weird drain just suddenly appeared out of the blue.

Then I noticed the date code on the battery - 05/11. So, the battery is 8 years old. So, since I'm pushing my luck already - time for a new one (especially since this one hit 3 volts I know it will be unhappy) and then I will try and see if there is a suddenly new constant drain that has appeared (which would be strange in and of itself.)

Somewhat related which makes me thing it wasn't necessarily my fault, I had the battery in my 4 year old Fusion just up and crap out and toast a cell one day out of the blue. One day, perfectly fine. The next day, not even enough juice to turn over a tiny 4 cylinder engine. Took the battery out, tested it, one of the cells had shorted out. Replaced it, no more problems. I'm wondering if the same or a similar thing happened here with the up and down temperature fluctuations of the springtime weather (45+ degree swings in 24 hours a few times in the past few weeks.)

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