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Re: Looking for feedback on new build...

I have a very similar combo (9.6:1 355 with OEM 062 vortec heads, GMPP version of the performer intake), and I am extremely happy with this cam:

A ton of torque, and good for 108 mph trap speeds in a full weight '65 Nova. Nice lopey idle. I am running it with a 4-spd, but I would probably recommend a mild stall converter with an automatic.

The 108 lobe separation will make more mid-range torque than the Edelbrock cam, but it will have more of a lopely idle and give up a bit of power below 2000-2500 rpm. The Edelbrock cam will idle better, make more vaccum, and probably give better mpg, especially with a low cruise RPM (overdrive). Either should work well. The Howards cam mentioned above still pulls 16" hg at a 800 rpm idle in my car, so it is not rowdy by any means.

Hope this helps.
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