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Best radio and wiring harness

So I am getting all the parts together to rewire the whole car and convert the dash from a 68 to 69. two questions

First for those of you who have rewired your cars which company did you go with and are you happy with the product and the instructions it came with, and how may circuits did you go for? Currently looking at a planless direct fit harness with 26 circuits. planning on essentially going modern with the car power windows door locks and such as well as an LS swap way down the line but thought I could do some initial ground work now.

Second radios, I like the look of the retro sound radios withe classic look and an LCD screen I think it fits the look I am going for classic but new. however the reviews for these seem pretty bad there are a lot of comments about the screen being dim and also about it going out in about 8 months to a year any one have any experience with these units? Also looking at Custom Autosound's head units but it seems like you have to look a the screen through the white numbers that are permanently fixed and I know I would find that annoying. Any thoughts? I wouldn't be opposed to a modern single din as long as I could get it to fit and look right in the dash.

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