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Re: Spitting back through carburator

Disaster narrowly averted!

Hey, I think Harold hit on it,....... the balancer will show TDC TWICE in a full revolution ( these are 4 stroke engines, right).... so its likely you are sitting on #6 TDC ( 360 out). You can verify by popping the drivers side valve cover and eyeballing #1 valves, THEY SHOULD BE CLOSED. I hope you find them hanging open, which means you are at #6. BTW, you can check the degree of the cam while its parked in #6 TDC. You want to see the INTAKE valve slightly more open ( closer to the head surface) than the EXHAUST.

Now, if you find the valves closed on #1,and that is the TDC you were using, then I suspect you have misadjusted valves, and I would have Leo drop by. Its a "feel" thing to set them, esp hydraulics. You'll ahve to go through the whole IO/EC procedure for all 16.

It is convention to have #1 plug post pointed at #1 cylinder, but it really is of no issue.

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