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Re: Spitting back through carburator

Originally Posted by JF74chevelle View Post
This is how I broke mine in. I fired the engine up with the cap off the radiator to get air bubbles out and I had the hose near by. I had a leaf blower blowing directly into the radiator to keep air flow going. Immediately bring the RPMs up to 1500 and hold there and fluctuate between that and 2000. Keep an eye on oil pressure and water temp and get a decent timing advance so it is not running too hot. Helps to have a buddy there for another set of eyes. Make sure to use oil with zinc additive. I used Joe Gibbs break in oil and a comp cams oil additive.

Thanks for the information. I just bought 5 gallons of the Lucas High Zinc Break in oil. I'll drain what I have in there now.
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