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Re: 1968 396 Orange wire ID please.

Originally Posted by 68SuperSport* View Post
Ok. Makes sense. My car is an A/C car . So I guess I won't use it?. On my old harness the Orange wire is there, but the connector is snipped off. I thought maybe it was cut when the motor was pulled.
So I suspect that you installed a new engine wiring harness. That wire is for the blower motor "IF" you don't have AC. I called M&H and they said to just cut it off where it goes into the harness tape and that is what the factory did with AC cars. 68 has a separate harness for AC cars that comes through the cowl which has another power lead wire with the same connector and a ground that goes to the motor. I think they are purple and black wires. Power also is supplied with a large gauge feed wire (black) to that harness from the horn relay with a inline fuse connector. 68's are a challenge and can be very unique. Welcome to the 68 club....LOL
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