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Question "Support truck" engine build, 350 or 383?

It looks like I may need to rebuld the engine in my 81 C3500 "Support truck".
Currently a Goodwrench 350 but seems to be missing compression on three cylinders.
Had hoped it might just be another flat-cam, but no such luck.
So I will do a leak-down test on Sunday.
Doubt it is a heads/valves issue.

So if I'm into a rebuild anyway, pro's and con's of a 383 conversion kit?
This is a one-ton flat-bed truck used to carry or tow cars and parts.
No high compression or radical cams needed!

I liked the mileage of the 350 but sometimes wished for F.I. or a Turbo when climbing steep grades.
Never wanted am 8-mpg 454, but maybe a mild 383 would not kill me in gas while giving me the torque I need for crossing the Sierra's?
A 383 kit can be done for only about $800 more than a standard 350 if I stay away from go-fast goodies.

At these gas prices I want it 100+ octane, leaded, and my windshield washed!
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