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Re: What to do with old oil.....

marc1 I am not very puter savy and have not ever tried to post pics.....but , when I figure out how to use this new iPhone 8 I'll post a pic. For many years I argued with my Dad that not all the additives in top name brand oil as marketed was worth the extra money paid . He would not have it. Then, my step brother who works on a military base as a civilian had a class to attend. He made friends with a guy there whose job it was to bottle Valvalein oil in Wally world brand containers. He finally believes. I just assumed most retailed oils, NOT specialtes, were like gas, they only make low and high octane gas. The name brand guys just add 5 gallon buckets of their additives when the tankers fill up at the terminals. So, not saying Wally World oil is the exact same Valvalien brand, but that is who was doing the bottling at that time.
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