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Re: What to do with old oil.....

Originally Posted by BanditRX View Post
I found a case of Quaker State DeLuxe 10 - 40 in the metal cans my Dad bought prolly 20 -25 years ago.

People will pay you more for those cans (if they are in good condition) than what you will pay for a modern oil at Autozone, WalMart etc. so I would sell them as an antique / collectable. I ordinarily would be very interested, I have a small collection of stuff like that, but I have stopped collecting this stuff after my last move and am downsizing. I realize you are moving and I know what that is like (no time to flog it on eBay, deal with chain jerkers etc.) but someone out there would appreciate those cans in original condition. Would you mind posting a picture of one of the cans for me? I love that old vintage stuff. If they are all metal they are likely older than 20-25 years by the way.

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