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Re: Camaro wiper motor w/park

I dont have the time to type everything out, but heres the basics for now:

You cant use the truck style switch. This was used in conjunction with a standalone intermittent module.

The wiper motor you pictured is a unit set up for Multiplex wiper system first introduced in 1980 which needs the hard to find switch.

The switch has 4 terminals on the back (ground, activation, low/high activation and wash activation). In addition, the switch contains a pigtail wire. This is the Multiplex signal wire that eventually connects underhood to the 3rd terminal under the typical washer pump terminals.

Under the washer pump cover is the control board which also contains the sweep switch and wash override switch contacts. Also under the cover is the motor control relay (thats what those mysterious wires are just flopping outside of your motor.

You have to match your equipment carefully, you cant mix and match.

GM introduced pulse wipers (intermittent) in 1973. Then the modified pulse was introduced 2 years later, then came the Multiplex system (which is the best of the vintage intermittent systems).

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