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Re: 70 front turnsignal pass through location

Originally Posted by Robinls5 View Post
The 70s front park & turn and marker lights go through pre punched holes on the inner fenders. You may have a different year front inner fenders. ( If you have no pre punched holes) You will need to drill two holes in each inner fender.
The wires have grommets that fit the holes.
NOTE: If you have to drill holes on the inner fenders. USE CAUTION , WHY?
If you just drill two holes, You may end up over a bumper brace and or a frame rail, The wires will not pass through.
Find some old 70 inner fenders or find a 70and take your yardstick and a pencil and paper!
You sir are my hero. I got pics of one with plastic inner fenders. I see 2 dimples in those same spots. 10 bucks and a bag of doughnuts says those are the spots to punch out
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