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I just had an new 454/525HP engine installed in my 1970 Chevelle SS. It was in the shop for 3 months. Upon the first start up we found out the alternator was only pushing out 11volts. So I ordered and new Tuff Stuff 100 amp and the shop recommended to also get a new regulator at the same time. I decided I could do this at home. Once I received the items, I installed them without any problems.
I started up the car and I was getting about 14 volts, great. When I went to shut off the car, it wouldn't shut off with the turn of the key, I had to remove the positive battery cable. i double checked everything and it looked ok. Once again i started the car, but after a few seconds I noticed smoke coming from the area of the new regulator. So went to turn off the car, and again it wouldn't shut down without removing the battery cable. I checked the wiring around the regulator area and don't see any burnt wiring. What could wrong?

Thanks ahead for any responses.
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