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Re: Fixing 68' SS Chevelle clock

Sorry this is so long, but I hope it'll help you.

I only know what I experienced with the original clock from my 71 Chevelle. I took it to the best clock repair in town, they checked for continuity of the electrical connection and found that it was open. They refused to look at it beyond that. I decided that it couldn't get any worse so I took shot at it. I found a point distributer file and cleaned and polished the contacts. This didn't help at all. I then took a magnifying glass and saw a broken wire on the coil. I carefully unwound the coil one turn using tweezers. Carefully scraped the varnish off the end with an exacto knife and soldered it to the electrical connection, discarding the broken piece of wire. The clock would at least run a little when connected to 12 volts. It just so happened that a guy whose wife worked in our office repaired clocks as a hobby. He agreed to look at it, said it only need some lubricant. He remove the clock hands and face. He had a bottle of lube with what looked like a needle on it. He lubed a couple of spots, reassembled and tested it. It worked great but didn't keep time very well. He told me that the clock would self correct if I'd reset it every so often. In other words, If I set it forward to correct the time it would speed up a little each time. I tried it on the bench for several week with nothing more than a battery charger connected and reset it every time I noticed the time wasn't right. After I did this a few times it kept perfect time.

This was in the mid 90's and was still working fine the day I replaced it with a quartz clock last year.
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