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Re: Tach gets interference from headlights, brakes, and horn


My signal wire is bundled with the rest of the tach wires for about 9 in. and passes thru the firewall in a tight grommet with ~5 other wires, could there be a disturbance in the force from being so close to these other wires, and giving it space/insulation help? (Seems to make sense that once the wires heat up just a bit they could start affecting the signal wire..?)

My power wire is spliced in with the radio on the ignition switch, could fluctuations in the voltage thru here be affecting the needle, and would it be smoother getting power elsewhere?

I've read about people using resistors to cure bouncing tach needles, but none of the issues described seemed exactly like mine, and unclear on the type and where it is supposed to placed (some say signal wire at the dist, some say bridging the signal and power wire close to the tach..??) Is this something that would help in my case? If so which type and where?

Those are the only ideas I got, really appreciate any assistance you are able to provide!

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