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Re: Clearing the air on lifter noise

Thanks for the info!
So is it as quiet as it was with the oem flat tappet cam before it went flat?
What spring did you use? Do you know their spec? Like installed/open pressure?
Rocker arms? Oem stamps steel?
Some roller rockers are louder than others, I personally like steel like Crower and comp they make less sound in the engines I have had vs alu Crane golds and alu harland sharp that got replaced after just a couple of runs. Think stamped steel rocker arms in applications where the work are most quiet?

Lots of hazzle glad it worked out well!
No noise on cold startup? Think the street series lifter is different vs the 4603`s? 4603`s are very loud cold and quiets down some warm at least the sets I have used behave that way. 4603 are usually used with lots of spring pressure that might be one of the reasons?
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