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Clearing the air on lifter noise

I want to stress that there be no insults or bashing in this thread, please. In a thread that Chris Straub posted a few days ago about a customer sending him an email on Morel lifter noise, that customer is me. I want to clarify a few things and tell my side of what happened.
First, the truck had 57,200 original miles on it when I lost #4 exhaust lobe on the HFT cam. I caught it in time and from what I could see it didn't send anything through the engine. I've been using Penn Grade 10w30 oil with a Wix filter, changing every 3000 miles. When I bought the truck in March of 2016, it had 50,064 miles.
Second, the cam Chris posted is not correct. Honest mistake. The specs on my cam is 210/[email protected] and .553in/.481ex lift on a 109LS. I bought everything from Chris, cam, lifters, push rods, springs, retainers and keepers. The lifters that I bought are the Street Performance lifters, part #5374, not the 4603 lifters that I've read some much about. I did everything he said to do, correct oil, Driven Break In Oil 5w30, soaked the lifters for about 2 days in the break in oil, set my installed spring heights to 1.900". When I started it for the first time it scared the crap out of me, these lifters were extremely noisy so I shut it down fast. It sounded like every internal part was getting ready to come through the block. I did multiple valve adjustments, cold, hot and while running and nothing helped. I worked on it for about 2 weeks. I drove it about 4 very easy miles and I was afraid I was doing damage so I took it back home. So I let it sit for about a week so I could clear my head, totally frustrated at this point, figured they would have quieted down by now after all the valve adjustments and all the running in the driveway. Use about 1/2 tank of gas. I called Chris and he said to drive it and give it some time that they'll quiet down. So I let it sit some more, just didn't feel like working on it. One night after work I readjusted all the valves again they same way as the previous 20+ times. Started it up and after about 15-20 minutes of running I noticed that they were a little quieter but not much. Sitting there running and the left side went quiet and a few minutes later the right side went quiet. I know it sounds stupid but I have no idea what happened.
I now have a little over 400 miles on it and they are very quiet. I knew going in that these had a history of being noisy but I was not expecting them to be as loud as they were. I read a post that Scott Foxwell said that thinner oil is better and you have to get the oil up to temperature. I'm not smart enough to say that's what finally happened, but all I know is they're still quiet, the motor has more power and torque where I wanted it and my new 800cfm Sean Murphy q-jet works flawlessly. The rest of the combo is pretty basic, 1-3/4" full length tube headers into a Pypes 2-1/2" exhaust with an X pipe, Dyna Max Ultra Flo mufflers and the intake is a aluminum Chevy Q-jet from a 454 crate engine, its basically an Edelbrock Performer RPM Q-Jet.
Like I said at the beginning I don't want any bashing or insults from this. This is the experience that I went through to get to this point. Was it worth it, if you asked me that 2 months ago I would've said no, but now that everything is working the way I want, it was well worth it.
Thanks Jeff

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