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Re: Drag Only Chevelle Build

Originally Posted by bigmachd View Post
Got a new best two weeks ago at our last race of the season, weather was great, temp 55, OA 1025, humidity 45%, vaper pressure .29, oxygen 29.11%, went 6.01.
Got car "pickled" for the winter, now have to get converter re-stalled as it should be 5800 and only flashes to 5 and starts pulling from 48, also gonna try and paint it this winter to resemble the other car.

Still have not hit it with nitrous yet, maybe next year, also thinking of adding a box and running some super pro classes, not decided yet.
Also got car weighed, 2750 lbs, with me in it, with 1380 lbs on the front and 1370 lbs on the rear, don't know about left and right weight.

6.01, 2750 lbs. and F/R ratio 50/50 is all good Mac. Maybe converter would work good with a hit a nitrous right where it is at. ???
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