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Re: 325/50R/15 on a 68 ? Will they fit

The 10 inch rim will make it a tough fit if at all. I had those on a 10 inch rim (on a modifies 1965 Chevelle) and I think they were like 13.0-13.2 inches wide. You can pull you tire off and measure from the frame to the inner fender lip to give you and idea and then you got to add clearance. The 325 will be 2 inches wider so see what room you have. If you do run a 295 a 10 inch rim is nice as it plants the tire flat on the ground. With a 10 inch rim it will be like 12.2-12.4 inches wide with a 295. Check with tire manufactuers rim size requirements. The 295-50 is a nice tire as it still has a good height of 26.8 inches. Maybe someone with a 1968 can chime in for car specific. I agree with the guy above spacing it exactly will be tough if it can be done at all.
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