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Re: BBC 6.135" rods that won't break the bank?

Originally Posted by 92Camaro View Post
I know what a floating wrist pin set is. What are the benifits of the floating wrist pin? I would like to hear your personal experiences.
Well as stated by 427 full floating wrist pins are much easier to assemble/disassemble (save for the sometimes difficult spiral-loc's). They prevent the transmission of press loads to the pistons during assembly and having cracked pistons on disassembly are easier to deal with should you need to replace the rod (have spun rod bearings before). In addition, they allow the wrist pin to fully rotate which helps to promote even wear and improve the spread of lubrication. Pressed in pins only allow wear in a more singular direction because of the limited movement of the pin in the piston (only the distance of the crank throw). Cannot make any claims about dyno results, but we used them exclusively in the racing engines we built. Do not recall any problems or failures with them. Hope this helps...
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