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Re: BBC 6.135" rods that won't break the bank?

As an apprentice, pressing pins was my most hated job, even more than grinding cast iron. Lets see , hardened steel into aluminum. Of course, I swore at the Spiralocks a few times when they drew blood.

P.S. My crazy genius boss had rods sent out to get a copper looking coating ( ?) on the small end that I honed to size for the floaters. Cant remember what he did. Maybe they were simply too big?

Anyway, I dont think i'll rebuild my 1970 CE build, polished to perfection, L88 rods for the FOURTH time in 40 yrs. PS The 7115 crank only made it to the 2nd rebuild. Never seen so much "Magna-snot" on a crank before, esp on the mains! Chartreuse friggin' monster it was and some dude bought it off Ebay for $50. Go figure. I use a 425hp 6223 now, not a truck crank.

Brian, I can understand the mechanical advantage of adding .200" to the rod and taking it off the skirts, but again, piston selection for our 427's is light, and we're not trying to build 600+hp baby rats here. You might give Gary or Mike a shout and see what components pricing is, as I am guessing you dont have pistons yet. P.S. The original L88 Heavy arse TRW slugs were all floating pin design.

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