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Re: No power with key on after new starter

See those rubber cylindrical "wire connectors"? They are fusible links. Check to see if you have power to both sides of the rubber cylinder. If not, we have to find out why they burned out. Likely there is a direct short to ground somewhere. One of those likely feeds power to the headlight switch and ignition system. You've already confirmed all your fuses to be good in the fuse box...right?

If no power, you'll have to replace it with a similarly sized fusible link or a maxi fuse. Don't even think about bypassing them, it may be the only thing that keeps that truck from burning to the ground.

Is there power to that bulkhead connector on the firewall? Looks like there's a terminal without a wire on it.

Your electrical system is cringe worthy and needs a serious sorting out. I would consider a rewiring or new wire harness. I'd keep a fire extinguisher on hand, safety glasses, and a means to quickly disconnect the negative terminal on the battery just in case the magic smoke tries to get out. Maybe leave the neg terminal loose enough so you can get a pry bar under it in case things go bad. Maybe work on it outside so you don't burn your garage down. Make sure none of your wires are touching a fuel line.

One of you distributor cap hold down screws is loose.
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