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Re: No power with key on after new starter

Here's a visual breakdown of what's going on. I tried to insert the pictures in the text, but haven't done that before. There is one wire from the positive side of the battery to the starter and a wire coming off that same starter post. It splits into 4 with these connections
One goes to this connection on the firewall and back out to the alternator post.
Another goes to the positive side of the alternator harness.
The last 2 go in behind the fuse block in this look.
I verified power to all these points and at the pwr/account, horn, bat, lighting. When I turn the key to run nothing to the fuses.
I had not yet checked the under hood wires key on, so I did and didn't get power. I then started at the battery, got power, starter post and down the line I had power everywhere. Turned the key and single click. I'm pretty confused about what it could be.

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