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Re: No Interior Lights - Help Needed

Update: 27 May 2018

I checked downstairs with my spare parts from M&H ( that I've kept for 9 years ) and I have a full set of spare fuses that came with the harness, whew! ( Had to order more 4amp fuses online from Amazon, 4 different stores up here = no luck ).

After reading everything here, I used my multimeter to check the new fuse ( read 0.0 ) and then the old one. The old fuse wouldn't get the meter out of the overload reading ( 0.L ).

Popped in the new fuse and voila, interior gauge lights. Less than 5 minutes.

Lesson learned about using a fuse tester that I started with, made it look like the fuse was still good.

Thanks for all the help and some education, fellas. It's always appreciated.

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