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Converting the Pre-1968 parking lights operation {PHOTOS}

I was private messaged with a request to explain/re-post this after the photobucket mess left the sticky at the top of the forum ("Helpful headlight switch info") useless with missing pictures. So, for the interim, here's a quick how-to.

Pre-1968 vehicles have an independent wire or wires that feeds the front parking lamp filaments. They are turned on when the headlight switch is pulled out to the first position. When you pull out the switch to the second position (to turn on the headlights), the parking lights turn off.

To change this so your vehicle acts like 1968-current vehicles (where the front parking lights stay on with the headlights, you must remove and relocate the purple wire at the headlamp switch.

Start by removing the (-) battery cable.

Gain access to the headlamp switch.

You'll see the purple wire feed is the furthest to the left in the picture.

Unplug the connector assembly from the headlamp switch.

Use a very small screwdriver or Packard terminal extraction tool and insert it into the side opposite of where the wire comes out. Notice you are inserting into the smaller cut-out area just below the main cavity that holds the terminal. You press in to bend back the "finger" catch. You then pull on the wire gently to remove.

After the wire has pulled out. bend the "finger" back down as shown so it will "catch" again in the new connector cavity.
**Please note, I used the white ground wire as an example. Again, you are moving the PURPLE wire!***

Now insert the purple wire in the new cavity location as shown. If the catch is working, you will hear a slight "click" and the connector will be locked into place.

The purple wire is now relocated from the far left to the bottom right as shown in this particular picture.

By moving the wire, you are effectively linking the front parking lamp filaments to the tail lamp you turn on the headlights now, your parking lamps will stay lit!

Plug the connector back into the switch. Reassemble as needed and reconnect the battery. Test your modification.

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