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Re: Possibly a nice 65 SS? I really don't know! I wish I did!

Mebbe the seller shouda writ his ad like this here one:

1966 C10 Chevy Truck, short bed stepside rolling project.

$2,700 cash - FIRM, non negotiable


READ THIS ========== > your reply must include the word "PATINA" or your phone number so I know you're not a spammer

This ain't no ordnary ol' pickup. It's special. Kinda rare - actually "medium" rare after sittin the hot sun out in the pasture so long.

Now don't let them funky colors fool ya. That's genuine central Texas PATINA. Yes you can see daylight through some of the "corrosion penetrations" but hey - that's genuine Chevrolet, made in the good ol' U.S. of A. "RUST" - not that cheap imported stuff so it oughta last ya a purty long time.

It ain't got no motor. No transmission, No driveshaft, No radiator. Brakes don't work, the tires are shot, the wheels are ugly - BUT - it wuz running when I parked it.

I don't think it has numbers matching anything.

Let's face it. Yer gonna hafta buy yerself a lotta parts and twist a lotta wrenches ta make this thing roadworthy. -OR- ya can turn it into yard art and plant petunias in the truck bed.

Now, I'm gonna answer a bunch o' questions right here so I don't spend all my daytime hours responding to emails.


Q. Why am I selling it?
A. I don't want it.

Q. What was the original engine and transmission?
A. 6 cylinder and 3 speed manual - column shift

Q. What is the rear differential drive ratio? Is it a posi?
A. Unknown but if that info is a deal killer, I'll go check it out.

Q. Will I accept a check / cashier's check / Western Union Transfer / Promissory Note?

Q. Will I deliver it?
A. Yes. Within reason. I'd deliver it 50 miles or so. But really, you should come get it. Look it over. Have a beer. Share some masculine exploits...or feminine ones if that's your persuasion.

Q. Will I sell parts off of it?
A. NO !!!

Q. Am I the first or second or third or fourth, etc owner?
A. Got no earthly idea

Q. Do I have a motor and / or transmission for the truck.
A. YES. for an extra $300 - $50,000 depending on how fast you wanna go or bulldozers ya wanna tow.

Q. Can you test drive it?
A. I know that I'm being a little frivolous here but that question is just plain stupid.

Q. Will I hold it for you until you save up some more money?
A. Yes, I will store it for you - $500 down & $50 per day storage, payable weekly IN ADVANCE. No refunds.
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