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Re: A little fed up

Here's part of the problem sometimes. Folks may consider it their "right" to voice an opinion, but that doesn't make it the right thing to do. If someone asks for an opinion, by all means, express yourself. Butting into a thread a to argue with someone or telling every one what you think on a subject without being asked is what often cause hard feelings.
If someone asks how to swap an overdrive into a PG car, and Guy A jumps in to tell you that they hate it when somebody does that or that 3 guys giving advice about how to do it are wrong, then Guy A is a meddling Jackass.
If someone wants details on restoring a Heavy Chevy, and Guy B jumps in to tell everyone that Heavy Chevy cars are ugly, boring and not worth as much as a ________ then Guy B is a meddling Jackass.

What should happen is that we just start reporting the Jackasses to admin and let them handle it, rather than getting mad and arguing or quitting.
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