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Re: Return fuel line on 1970 el Camino

Originally Posted by Robinls5 View Post
Some more trivia from an old guy:
What does the so called term vapor lock mean? Think about this: When you boil water it turns to steam or VAPOR, When you boil Brake Fluid it turns to VAPOR. In 1962 drag racing my C/G 38 Chevy. At the end of the 1/4 I had NO BRAKES. Kill the engine and in a few seconds I had a full pedal.
Cause: Headman Headers blowing hot exhaust on brake line.
When you boil gasoline it turns to VAPOR. A 7040205 will no operate on VAPOR, Must have liquid.
So I Call my Brother in law Bill, From Mich, He says call my friend BOB, I call Bob and answer many questions for this Bob guy. He tells me on the phone the problem with my 70 454. So I do what this Bob guy tells me to do.
After I follow Bobs instructions, I now have no more Vapor Loc.
FACT: My one owner LS-5 never got hot or had vapor loc. So what changed.
I had a BAD Eaton Fan clutch.
Fact #2: 1970 " A " body Chevelles all models had an Airflow Ducted engine bay. What the hell is that? I means, All the air that enters the engine bay is FORCED to EXIT ( By road speed or by the engine powered exhaust fan.)
Fact#3: A 1970 engine bay is designed to have the Super Heated Air Exit at the rear of the Lower right & Lower left cast Iron manifolds.
Fact #4: Changing any factory under-hood installed items (rubber seals and such) , So when you re/engineer your engine bay cooling system, And you also think a lot of what this guy just is a big load of Bull Sh!T.
All this stuff about duct work and sealed off engine bay stuff and moving " X " number of cubic feet of air per min. sounds fishy.
When your home A/C or your furnace is running. Use caution !
Remove the blower belt, ( You better have " Super Heat switches working " And then lets talk about Air Flow and Duct work.
Just some trivia, From an old Guy.
P.S. So you know, My B.I. law Bill was a boss at FORD the Wayne Assmb. plant for 37 years. The Bob guy I speak of was a Thermal Engineer for Chevrolet for 39 years. It is not verbatem, But close.
I do agree with a lot of that, I'm sure people will poke a bit at your wording, but I can see where you are going with it,(I'm not very good at the wording as well). But the question at hand is about modifying old cars to work with parts they weren't even designed for, so sometimes it's back to basics or just pure testing to get them right or better. So good input on the way the factory system worked but lets be honest, they didn't always work very well back then even when they were new.

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