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Re: Return fuel line on 1970 el Camino

Originally Posted by Robinls5 View Post
Not sure about other 1970 SS 454s-with a 4 speed. The 454 I have has the three port fuel pump. My 454 has no charcoal canister.
I have a question? If you do not have a charcoal canister attached to your 1970- SS 454, What happens to the fuel VAPORS ?
We all know they "do not" exit to the Atmosphere, My question is, Where do the fuel vapors in the fuel tank " GO " on a 1970- LS-5 ?
The answer is .................................................. ...................... ?

The 1/4" port on the three port pump. To make my 1970 Sta.Wgn. ( Driver ) 454 Engine look like a Real factory LS-5 with the LS-5 -3 port pump.
I attached a piece of rubber hose to the fuel pump and then shoved a piece of old brake line into the other end of the rubber hose installed the correct spring clamps, Then I shoved it back into the frame rail. NOW my fuel system " LOOKS " like a factory LS-5.
My FRAUD car ( with papers to prove it) SS 454 Sta. Wgn. has been driven over 38.000 miles, And so far I have not seen any fuel come out of the small line ( That is laying on the frame, and goes nowhere. beside the org. 5/16" -307 fuel line,) On my 3 port long canister fuel pump.
Also , For a driver / Cruiser, my 468 runs and operates just fine on the org. 307-5/16" fuel line.
They go out the vent in the gas cap, not sure about 70 but 69 and later had vented gas caps and with a full tank on hard take off or right turns (Camino) fuel would spill out the tank.

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