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Re: Hairston Chevrolet

Originally Posted by Saltherring View Post
My 1969 Chevelle SS was sold new at Dutch Miller Chevrolet in Huntington, WV. The car spent its first 40 years in the Huntington area and I have connected with the original owner (who still lives in the Huntington area) and another Huntington resident who later owned my car for about 10 years. Dutch Miller Chevrolet INC was still in business in Huntington last fall. I know this because I talked to several dealership employees regarding original sales and warranty documents for my Chevelle.

As for Dutch Miller and Huntington, WV being "right across the river from Chesapeake", I have no idea what you are talking about, as on-line maps reveal nothing that I could see that is called "Chesapeake" on the opposite (Ohio) side of the Ohio River from Huntington.

I, however, live in Washington State and know little or nothing of the Huntington, WV area.

Yes Chesapeake OH is a very small town across river from Huntington WV.

Cool site from (Nation Corvette Restorers Society)

Dealer Zones and Numbers

This information is compiled from information gathered from members and others. It is not guaranteed for accuracy. General Motors assigned zone and dealer numbers to active dealers at the time of assignment. As dealerships changed ownership and went out of business the dealer number may be re-assigned to other new dealerships. For this reason dates are included with this information where known.

Here the results out of the dealercodes database based on the provided search criteria:

Zone Dealer Number Dealer Name Address City State Zipcode Source Year Active Notes
Change Dealer Details 44 180 HAIRSTON CHEVROLET INC P O BOX 1128 CHESAPEAKE Ohio 45619 1969 Unknown Info Provided by AAA Window Stickers- Bill Petriko
Change Dealer Details 46 180 Hairston Chevrolet Inc. P.O. Box 1128 Chesapeake Ohio Unknown 1969 No longer in Busines From window sticker in files of Jon Mello. Zone might be 40. Dealer number might be 280. Very sure about the 4, 8 and 0.
Change Dealer Details Unknown Unknown Hairston Chevrolet, Inc. Box 1128 Chesapeake Ohio 45619 1970 Unknown

Kinda cool

Maybe Dutch Miller "over took" or bought out Hairston sometime in the 80s..
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