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Re: Door windows misaligned (depth angle)

Originally Posted by faded67 View Post
Oops yes I'll take some better photos. Roof color is probably from poor lighting and reflection in the garage. Ouch on the rear shock! Whats the top hole for?
Don't know what the top hole is for just know all the cars I've seen or had the shock mounts to the bottom hole. I also noticed you have no dome light switches on the door frames. You will need to remove any screws holding the arm rests on the panels and any that run along the bottom of the panels. As far as tools to remove the door or rear panels you would need a tool to remove any clips on the window crank handles or door opening handles. There are tools to pry the panel clips out of the door that normally run along the edge of the panel. I don't know if you have bought a Assembly Manual but it comes in really handy when working on your car. By the way I really like your car it looks really nice.

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