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Re: Got this email today from my insurance agent

Insurance is the bane of healthcare under the way that it is being used. People consume healthcare everyday and those ordinary type expenses in my mind are not insurable events. Things that are insurable are like broken bones and heart attacks. I'd go 100% on checkups with the goal of making everyone healthier and making them familiar with how the system will handle them. You need daily Rxs to modulate yourself, not insured. You need daily Rxs to ensure you live - insured. There has to be a genuine discourse about "elective" medicine. Insurance should be limited to conditions that are unexpected and life threatening.

Some people spend healthcare dollars based upon professionals' recommendation. For example I get a checkup. I have ringing in my ears. Instead of the GP/primary care counseling me, I get a referral to another professional and a whole other set of fees. I go to the visit and they confirm there's nothing can be done. I complain about my stools and get referred to another specialist. Get advised to have a specialized procedure. All this is compounding fees and the insurance makes more money by spending money.

I can't stress enough how insurance his perverted our healthcare habits. There's plenty of money in healthcare system. Problem is who needs to make money off of it.

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