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Steve Hagensicker


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I have a 67 Chevelle SS that I bought in 73. It has never been restored as it has never really needed it. The engine is a 396 - 350hp (original) that has had a few goodies done. The stock pistons were 10:25 to 1. I installed TRW forged 11 to 1 pistons in the mid 70's.
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Some of the other goodies are

Those are the original valve covers and air cleaner assembly.

Tranny is a four speed with Hurst shifter attatched. Clutch is a Borg-Warner Power Brute (3200 lb pressure plate). Ladder bars to keep the posi rear end (3:73 ratio) from hopping all over. Rear drivers to the ground are M50's (converts to 24" of rubber to grab) on US indy slotted mags. This engine has no trouble lighting up the rears even with the :73's which still only afford me about 10 mpg. Strip time is mid to low 13's. Hasn't been street raced for years, but I saw a heck of a lot more headlights in my rear view mirror then I ever saw of tailights through the windshield!

feature2a.jpg 20.7 K Color of the car is a Diamond Blue Metallic. Interior is done with a velour Honda material, with the original buttons from the old vinyl on the seat back.
Yes, this is the original headliner and carpet also! feature2h.jpg 5.0 K

Its kind of strange for an SS to have a bench seat without console. I know the first owner, a Chevrolet dealer in our town, who ordered this car from the factory new, bench seat without console. This is such a rare thing that Chevrolet stopped making the shift boot in the early seventies. None of the aftermarket manufacturers make it either. Shift boots from no other car will fit this one properly due to the unique shape of it. Have been trying for years to find one, with no luck as mine which is the original is getting tired looking from age.

This car hasn't seen a raindrop in years as it is safely snuggled in my garage. Heck with our new cars, they stay outside. Odometer has a little over a hundred K on it, but the last few years has seen an average of 20 to 50 miles per year driven.

2005 Update!

Well, just a little update here. As I had mentioned way back when that I'd been looking for the ever elusive, 'no aftermarket shift boot cuz it's just too rare'...... I finally came across one! may97_shifter.jpg - 41237 Bytes

Yup! After nearly 15 years, I found an NOS, genuine in the package and original GM created shift boot.

Now, I know this isn't earth shattering news, but when you've been looking for something like that as long as I had, it's at least pretty good news. There are aftermarket shift boots out there for these older cars, just not this particular one. And they usually go for around $25, give or take a little. But cross your legs and don't sneeze, cuz this one was just a tad shy of $300! I don't hold it against the guy. He also knew how hard these little puppies are to come by. But at least I finally found one and can sleep at night.

You really CAN find just about anything on the internet.......... eventually!

may97_carb.jpg - 43084 Bytes Only other thing in the back of my head that was needed is that 780 dual feed single pumper Holley needed a good goin' through. So I contacted Holley about this service they have. They take carbs like this, and make them brand new. I don't just mean a rebuild of internal goodies. Nope! They do a class act of actually re-anodizing the body back to that nice gold color, replate all screws, base plate and anything else that needs it, so the whole thing looks brand new. All internal working parts are also replaced just like the day when newly manufactured in their factory way back when. And you know, this dang thing really does run better! I can actually start it and let it run for more than five minutes without eating up a quarter tank of gas. All well worth it. This is also a bit spendy at $400. But I've seen this same carb, looking like junk, go on eBay for near $500.
Hmmmmmmm....... I wonder what this one would go for?
NOPE! Not for sale! :-)

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