El Camino Parts Sources & Books

Here are a few places to look for Chevelle, El Camino & GMC Sprint parts and information.


0. Team Chevelle ads.

1. Ground Up Restorations. '64-'72 Chevelle & El Camino. Sponsors of the Team Chevelle web site (https://www.chevelles.com). Specializing in detailing items.

2. "Hemming's Motor News". Available at most news stands. Look in the "Chevrolet 58 & up" parts for sale, "Chevelle/Camaro" parts for sale, and "Truck/Commercial" parts for sale sections. Also look in the "Literature" for sale section for dealers who carry service manuals, sales brochures, etc. A good resource to locate hard-to-find parts. The on-line issue only has car for sale ads. You have to buy a hardcopy to get the parts ads.

3. Year One. 1-800-YEAR-ONE. '64-'72 Chevelle & El Camino. Good catalog.

4. Original Parts Group. 1-800-CHEVELLE. '64-'87 Chevelle & El Camino.

5. The El Camino Store. Toll Free 1-888-685-5987. '59-'87 El Camino.

6. EC Parts. '64-'88 El Camino, Chevelle, etc.

7. Lauren Engineering. El Camino accessories (for all years, but mostly '78-'87).

8. Gaylord's Lids. Tonneau covers, etc. for '64-'87.

9. Choo-Choo Customs. 1-800-475-6919. '78-'87 El Camino accessories, ground effects body panels, "Laguna" front ends, etc.
For sidepipes to go with the Choo-Choo components, go to Sweet-Thunder.

10. Trim Parts. Reproduction emblems for Chevelle, El Camino, and GMC Sprint.

11. Goodmark Industries. Cowl Induction hoods for '70-'72 and '78-'87.

12. Honest Charley Custom Components. Accessories and custom parts, mostly for '78-'87 El Camino.

13. El Camino Parts. Used parts for all El Camino models.


14. Main Team Chevelle parts supplier list.


1. "Catalog of Chevelle, Malibu, & El Camino ID Numbers 1964-87".
Published by "Cars & Parts" Magazine.

2. "Chevrolet by the Numbers", by Alan Colvin. The authoritative reference on Chevrolet codes and part numbers.


1. For a free packet of information on a particular model, call Chevrolet at 1-800-222-1020.
You must have your VIN number handy. The information that is supplied is specifications, etc. for your model. It does not include any information about the history of, or the options originally installed on, a particular car.

2. If your Sprint or El Camino was originally sold in Canada (even though they were built in the U.S.), then you can call GM of Canada at 1-888-467-6853. For a fee, they can research your VIN and send you documentation showing the options that were originally installed on your vehicle.


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