Heavy Chevy The Very Sporty Chevelle

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This is our new one, introduced the middle of 1971 and already a favorite. It's built around a Chevelle Sport Coupe as you can see here.

See the difference? You get a special understated black grille. A domed hood with lock pins. Special side striping and 14" X 6" rally-type wheels with special center caps and bright lug nuts. It's available only with a V8 engine (you wouldn't want it any other way). The Turbo-Fire 307 is standard, but you can order from three others including our Turbo-Jet 400. If that seems like a large choice, it is. But we know how it's fun to be choosey when you buy a new car.

Some other options you can order: special instrumentation including a clock, tachometer, ammeter and temperature gauge. And if you're that serious you'll want to look into our Positraction rear axle, wide-ratio 4-Speed transmission and power disc/drum brakes. you see, choosing is what the Heavy Chevy is all about. Settle for its looks or make it a h-e-a-v-y Heavy Chevy with options.