Team Chevelle




            COLOR NAME                      PAINT JOB NO.

      White                                             11
      Silver Steel Metallic                             13
      Dark Steel Metallic                               16
      Black                                             19
      Medium Blue Metallic                              24
      Medium Bright Blue                                25
      Bright Blue Metallic                              26
      Dark Blue Metallic                                29
      Dark Aqua Metallic                                39
      Silver Green Metallic                             41
      Light Palm Green Metallic                         42
      Lime Green Metallic                               43
      Dark Green Metallic                               49
      Yellow Beige                                      50
      Bright Yellow                                     52
      Bright Yellow  Metallic                           53
      Medium Gold Metallic                              55
      Dark Gold Metallic                                59
      Light Sandalwood                                  61
      Burnt Orange Metallic                             62
      Yellow Orange                                     63
      Light Copper Metallic                             65
      Bronzini Gold Metallic                            66
      Sienna Metallic                                   67
      Dark Brown Metallic                               68
      Silver Beige, Metallic                            70
      Red Beige Metallic                                73
      Medium Red Metallic                               74
      Red                                               75
      Dark Rosewood Metallic                            78

                                       STRIPING COLORS

     COLOR                                                    USAGE

      Black                                                     CBO
      Red                                                         B
      White                                                       B
      While                                                      CO
      Gold                                                       BO
      Green                                                       0
      Blue                                                        0

                           ROOF MOULDINGS COLOR-MATCH

      White                                             A
      Black                                             B
      Dark Blue                                         C
      Medium Gold                                       D
      Sandalwood                                        E
      Dark Brown                                        F
      Dark Green                                        G

1971 had quite a few color choices, so rather than frying your modem I have split these up into two groups:

Color Numbers 10-61

Color Numbers 62-99

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