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Comfort , Convenience and Appearance Items

All-Transistor Radios. You have a choice of manual and pushbutton radios in AM as well as pushbutton AM/FM with FM stereo multiplex equipment. Manual antenna and rear seat speaker also available. Four-speaker system with stereo multiplex installation.

Roof Luggage Carrier. Adds extra carrying capacity to any Chevelle station wagon. Complete with roof bars and guardrail. Bright chrome. Side rails supported by five stanchions.

Remote- Control Outside Rearview Mirror. You need never open a window to adjust your side mirror to the best viewing angle. Angle-control lever is mounted in left-hand front door. Mirror frame is chrome-finished.

Superlift Shock Absorbers. These air-adjustable shock absorbers mounted at the rear wheels will keep your Chevelle on the level with heavy loads aboard. Reduce annoying "bottoming out" over rough roads.

Comfortilt Steering Wheel. A flick of the lever and you can adjust the wheel to any one of seven positions to fit anyone from the biggest to the smallest and make getting in and out easier. Control lever mounted on steering column. 8track.jpg - 7.3 K

Stereo Tape System. Up to 80 minutes of uninterrupted music is yours. Just insert the cartridge and it plays. Light music and classical selections to choose from. Four-speaker stereo system.

Light Monitoring System. Three sets of three monitoring lenses-two sets mounted of the front fenders, the other mounted in the rear- tell you if headlights, parking lights, trun signals and rear lights are operating properly.

Power Windows. Individual controls at each window plus a master control for all four windows next to the driver's seat.

headrests.jpg - 4.7 K Trailer Hitch and Wiring Harness. A must for those who have trailer hauling in mind. Connects the car's electical system to the trailer's.

Strato-ease Headrests. Relaxing on long trips for either driver or passenger. Height is adjustable for maximum comfort.

Power-Operated Station Wagon Tailgate Window. Raise or lower your wagon tailgate window from a switch on the instrument panel or a key-activated switch on the tailgate itself. Both controls out of the reach of children.

Strato-bucket Front Seats. Available on SS 396 Malibu Sport Coupe and Convertible. Upholstered in all-vinyl. Contoured to provide maximum comfort.

Comfort-Car Air Conditioner. Keeps your Chevelle comfortably cool even in blistering summer heat. Simplified controls for easiest operation. Moderately priced.

Rubber Bumper Guards. Inset into regular chrome-finished steel bumper guards to protect bumpers from nicks and scrapes while parking or parked. Available on front and rear bumpers.

Four-Season Air Conditioner.
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Cleans, cools and dehumidifies outside or inside air, as you select. Operates together with Chevelle's standard blended-air heater to let you control temperature and humidity the year around. You arrive at your destination fresh and relaxed.

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Mag-Style Wheel Covers.

Add a dashing aspect to any Chevelle. Bright and satin finishes.

wirewheel.jpg - 6.9 K Simulated Wire Wheel Covers.

Look almost like the real thing. Finished in bright chrome. A really sporty touch for your favorite Chevelle.

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