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Questions like: What's my Chevelle worth? How do I change this part? Where can I find......?? Can no longer be answered personally
Please check the resources available on this site before contacting administration.

Team Chevelle Members: for faster response please for any Member related inquiries.

Use the email address below to contact administrator: Al McKenzie

I need to mention again, please do not email asking me to tell you if a Chevelle is a 'good deal', how to track the ownership, what parts fit, wiring diagrams etc. You will just cause us both frustration as I still have hundreds of such emails that remain unanswered. I try to plow through them but by the time they get answered, guess what? The email address used has changed or was a typo so there goes a 1/2 hour or more of research and the person who emailed me is mad because I never answered... * sigh*.