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Last Review Posted by alv - posted products and: 3:33pm [ Post a Review

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ordered parts online had them in one or two days each time, never any back orders. good company

Rating: 10
Product Details: "Ground Up" by Neal Wright - posted products and: - Rating: **** 4.00

Last Review Posted by Anciano - posted products and: 1:06am [ Post a Review

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Who was the vendor on this product?
Product Details: "1964-65 All V-8 Metal Shroud" by team_chevelle - posted products and: - Rating: ********* 9.00

Last Review Posted by grr456 - posted products and: 5:11am [ Post a Review

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I have restores a couple of Mustangs. NPD is about 30 minutes from me in michigan. I walked in with a list of parts, 2 hours and $2100 later, I had nearly everything on my list. I think only one or two items were backordered, which I received a week, or two later. I had basically the same experience again about 2 years later. I wouldn't go anywhere else...... Just my .02.....Gary

Rating: 10
Product Details: "National Parts Depot" by smallblock_chevelle - posted products and: - Rating: ********** 9.79

Last Review Posted by asphaltgambler - posted products and: 9:00pm [ Post a Review

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What good is it to have a 20% off sale and the part you ordered is on B/O for another MONTH? Wake up everyone. All they are doing is pre-selling the parts.

Rating: 4
Product Details: "Origional Parts Group" by Mali Blu - posted products and: - Rating: **** 4.11

Last Review Posted by wjspindler - posted products and: 12:12am [ Post a Review

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I agree with the general concensus, their shipping fee's are ridiculus. The last time I dealt with them I had the rudest salesperson I have ever dealt with .They sent me the wrong part and wanted me too pay all the shipping charges to correct their error.
Product Details: "Ground Up" by Neal Wright - posted products and: - Rating: **** 4.00

Last Review Posted by Fummins - posted products and: 4:01am [ Post a Review

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Saleman acted like hes doing me a favor to take my order/money, rude, impatient and a general douchebag attitude. I ordered the auto to manual trans pedal conversion kit. Absolutely no instructions on the zbar bushings, had to drill the pedal shaft hangar as it wasnt even close to fitting the new pedal shaft, same with the brake pedal hole, a real pita. I wouldnt order from them again unless i had to.

Rating: 3
Product Details: "Ground Up" by Neal Wright - posted products and: - Rating: **** 4.00

Last Review Posted by 280rem - posted products and: 8:19am [ Post a Review

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virtually had to throw the entire engine away. Shit parts and shit machine work. obviously non professional engine assembly as well. 496 stroker.

Rating: 1
Product Details: "clewho" by jgh54 - posted products and: - Rating: * 1.00

Last Review Posted by Drack - posted products and: 4:29am [ Post a Review

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I order $300 worth of parts, They would told me everything was in stock on my online sales, later to find out that they didn't have half of them. Took 3 phone calls to find out that they were waiting for the items and had no clue when they would have them in stock to send out to me. I called back, and had to deal with the rudest sales staff that I have dealt with. told them to cancel my order, was told it was canceled only to have my credit card billed 3 days later for the full amount. Called and talked to a manager who was also rude. He told me they shipped stuff anyway and would have to wait for it to return to them before I get my money back. I had my wife call to get the details of when my money would be credited back to me and they still would not give us a tracking number, I had to call fedex and track it myself. Still after all of this the manager told her that she could do what she had to do and to stop calling them. I have been fighting with them for over a week and no parts and out $300 and a very mad wife and me. Called luttys chevy parts had the parts waiting on me the next day and great customer service

Rating: 1
Product Details: "Ground Up" by Neal Wright - posted products and: - Rating: **** 4.00

Last Review Posted by Bikerman9967 - posted products and: 3:37pm [ Post a Review

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I ordered a few parts from ground up last week. 2 different orders. first I called and asked a few questions about pick up because i live only an hour away. the man i spoke with was pretty rude and seemed upset that i even called. later that day my fiance called and placed an order while i was at work and she told me the sales person was very rude and short with her. i called the next day and place another order and this time i got a different person and he seemed to be not so bad. i ordered a quarter panal and a few smaller panals. they seem to be ok. they are priced much cheaper then most places but im sure they are made a bit cheaper as well. i would like to order from them again becasue they are so close but if i get treated like crap every time i call, i will go somewhere else.

Rating: 6
Product Details: "Ground Up" by Neal Wright - posted products and: - Rating: **** 4.00

Last Review Posted by Malibu Jimbu - posted products and: 7:12am [ Post a Review

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Rating: 2
Product Details: "Repaint gasket kit" by BillK - posted products and: - Rating: ** 1.50

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