1965: Despite the subtle changes in the appearance of the AM radios for '65, this was an important year for the Chevelle line. 1965 was the first model year that AM/FM and AM/FM STEREO radio options were available in these vehicles.


Delco model number: 986201

The basic radio in the 1965 line. These radios do not have pushbutton presets. Chevrolet printed in script takes the place of the buttons. The dial lacks the "bowtie" emblem, but the radio's basic appearance is almost exactly the same as its pushbutton counterpart.


Delco model number: 986202

1965 AM pushbutton units can be identified by the change in numerals on the dial scale (i.e. 16 to 160) from the 1964 models. Although the "bowtie" emblem remained in the center of the dial, the civil defence marks disappeared that year. Also the word Delco was written in smaller script and moved above the "145" and "160" on the dial scale.


Delco model number: 986203

1965 AM/FM units are truly unique. These radios were the only ones in the era to be produced without the traditional slide bar (am/fm switch). A small lever protruding out of the chrome face switches the dial between AM and FM bands. In the center of the actual dial, "AM" and "FM" is printed between the numbers on their respective bands.


Delco model numbers: 986376 / 98637A

When connected to the AM/FM radio, FM stereo broadcasts can be received. Please notice that there is no fourth knob. This is where the "Front-Rear" control would have went. Since '65 models only had a total of (2) speakers, the front and rear speakers served as the left and right channels. A front-rear control would have made for adjustment problems with this set-up, so this knob was deleted. The indicator between the two center knobs illuminated when an FM stereo station was tuned-in on the radio

1965 Z-16 Chevelles received a different multiplex--the ones found in 1965 Impalas. These units have all 4 knobs as the Z-16 vehicles were fitted with a total of 4 speakers just like the Impalas. Some later production NON Z-16 1965 Chevelles may have received the 4 knob multiplex and 4 speakers, I am still researching this.

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