1964-1972 Chevelle & related vehicle audio equipment
Model Number Database

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Model Year:Audio Unit Type:Delco model:Description:
1964AM manual radio985773Basic radio, no pushbuttons
1964AM pushbutton radio985776Radio with 5 presets
1965AM manual radio986201Basic radio, no pushbuttons
1965AM pushbutton radio986202Radio with 5 presets
1965AM/FM pushbutton radio986203Requires MPX adapter for stereo
1965FM Multiplex (MPX) Adapter986376Under-dash MPX adapter* *
1965FM Multiplex (MPX) Adapter986376AUnder-dash MPX adapter* *
1966AM manual radio986527Basic radio, no pushbuttons
1966AM pushbutton radio986528Radio with 5 presets
1966AM/FM pushbutton radio986529Requires MPX adapter for stereo
1966FM Multiplex (MPX) Adapter986644Under-dash MPX adapter*
1966FM Multiplex (MPX) Adapter7296351Under-dash MPX adapter
1967AM manual radio986852Basic radio, no presets
1967AM pushbutton radio986853radio with 5 presets
1967AM/FM pushbutton radio986854Requires MPX adapter for stereo
1967FM Multiplex (MPX) Adapter7300941MPX adapter* #
1967FM Multiplex & 8-Track7300491Under-dash MPX/8-Track* @
19678-Track Player7300481Under-dash 8-Track* ###
1968AM pushbutton radio7303131radio with 5 presets
1968AM/FM pushbutton radio7303121requires MPX adapter for stereo
1968FM Multiplex (MPX) Adapter7304621MPX adapter #
1968FM Multiplex (MPX) Adapter7306361Factory hidden MPX &
19688-Track Player7305301Under-dash 8-track* ###
19688-Track Player7305311Under-dash 8-track #
19688-Track Player81AT4121968½ under-dash 8-track* ###
19688-Track Player81AT4221968½ under-dash 8-track* #
1969AM pushbutton radio91APB1Radio with 5 presets
1969AM/FM pushbutton radio91BFP1**Requires MPX adapter for stereo
1969AM/FM-STEREO radio91BFM1Requires hidden MPX
1969AM/FM-STEREO radio91BFM2Requires hidden MPX
1969FM Multiplex (MPX) adapter91AMP1Factory hidden MPX &
19698-Track Player91BT4118-Track* ###
19698-Track Player91BT4218-Track* #
1970AM pushbutton radio01APB1Radio with 5 presets
1970AM pushbutton radio01APB2Radio with 5 presets
1970AM/FM pushbutton radio01BFP1FM-mono
1970AM/FM pushbutton radio01BFP2FM-mono
1970AM/FM pushbutton radio01BFP3FM-mono
1970AM/FM-STEREO radio01BFM1FM-stereo
1970AM/FM-STEREO radio01BFM2FM-stereo
1970AM/8-Track01BPBT1Combination radio/tape player
1970AM/8-Track01BPBT2Combination radio/tape player
1970AM/FM/8-Track01BFMT1Combination radio/tape player
1970AM/FM/8-Track01BFMT2Combination radio/tape player
19708-Track Player01BT411Under-dash (Accessory)
19708-Track Player01BT412Under-dash (Accessory)
1971AM pushbutton radio11APB1Radio with 5 presets
1971AM/FM pushbutton radio11AFP1FM-mono
1971AM/FM-STEREO radio11AFM1FM-stereo
1971AM/8-Track11APBT1Combination radio/tape player
1971AM/FM/8-Track11AFMT1Combination radio/tape player
19718-Track Player11BT411Under-dash (Accessory)
1972AM pushbutton radio21APB1Radio with 5 presets
1972AM pushbutton radio21APB2Radio with 5 presets
1972AM pushbutton radio21APBK1Built-in fader control !
1972AM pushbutton radio21APBK2Built-in fader control !
1972AM/FM pushbutton21AFP1FM-mono
1972AM/FM pushbutton21AFP3FM-mono
1972AM/FM pushbutton radio21AFPK1FM-mono/built-in fader control !
1972AM/FM pushbutton radio21AFPK3FM-mono/built-in fader control !
1972AM/FM-STEREO radio21AFM1FM-stereo
1972AM/8-Track21APBT1Combination radio/tape player
1972AM/FM/8-Track21AFMT1Combination radio/tape player
19728-Track Player21AT411Under-dash (Accessory)

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(Accessory) indicates this would have been available only as a dealer installed option after the car left the factory.

* indicates this model number has not been officially confirmed.

* indicates 1965 RPO Z-16 owners should disregard the model number listing.

** indicates this factory AM/FM mono radio was able to receive FM stereo broadcasts by connecting it to the traditional 4 knob, below dash, multiplex adapter. The Chevy full-size model 91BMP21 multiplex adapter was used, however, this set-up would have been dealer-installed only.

! indicates this model number is only correct for a non-stereo vehicle with the optional rear speaker

@ indicates this 8-track player is both the tape player and the FM stereo MPX controller.

# indicates this MPX adapter has control knobs and mounts below the dash--ONLY installed in vehicles that did NOT have 8-track players.

### indicates this 8-track player mounts below the dash--ONLY installed in vehicles that did NOT have stereo MPX equipment.

# indicates this 8-track player mounts below the dash--ONLY installed in vehicles that DO have the appropriate stereo MPX equipment.

& indicates this hidden (no user-controls and installed inside the dash) MPX was installed ONLY in vehicles with FM multiplex equipment AND the appropriate 8-track player.

& indicates this hidden (no user-controls and installed inside the dash) MPX was installed in ALL vehicles with factory installed FM stereo radios--regardless of other options.