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For those who race America's favorite Supercar!

Created by: Jon Vore



This page is intended to be a general forum for discussion related to racing our favorite automobile, the Chevelle. I do not profess to an expert on the matter and welcome any and all comments including constructive criticism.

I began racing my 71' SS454 ElCamino about ten years ago and when the fear of permanently damaging this classic became overwhelming, I drug out my trusty old 68' Chevelle which had been languishing in storage for 10 years. At first it struggled to get into the sixteens with its tired old 327/4-spd. After much trial and error I settled on a 454/turbo400 combination. With 9.2:1 compression, oval port heads and a trusty TCI transmission I have managed a best of 11.70 @ 115 MPH. This is without nitrous and is still fairly streetable. I have included the major components of the drivetrain on this page if anyone is interested in duplicating it. Like all Musclecars I will never have it "quite" finished and am embarking on a quest for the 10's. I hope to do it without the bottle, but time will tell.

So, whether you own a 17 second driver or a 9 second rocket I'm sure we can all benefit from sharing our knowledge. The tech tips will be changed every few weeks and I encourage anyone who has recently modified their Chevelle in the pursuit of quicker ET's to write about their experience and e-mail it to me so we can share it with the world. This includes chassis mods, engine swaps, suspension modifications even parts combinations that work well together ( as long as you're willing to give your competition your well guarded secrets). If you have some "war stories" or personal racing experience you'd like to share that may be of some benefit, bring it on !!

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